Event Recap: Masterclass on "Scaleups - Selling to Enterprise with Confidence"

On 9th April, a variety of scaleup companies gathered at the Stone & Chalk headquarters in Sydney for an insightful masterclass organised by Escrow London. Titled “Scaleups – Selling to Enterprise with Confidence,” the event aimed to equip attendees with strategies to instil reassurance and confidence in enterprise clients as well as facilitating the closure of more significant deals. Recognising Australia’s significance as one of Escrow London’s strategic markets, Nathan Hopkins, Chief Revenue Officer, travelled from the UK to personally engage with clients and to help facilitate the event.

The event boasted a distinguished panel of experts, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience:

Nathan HopkinsNathan Hopkins – Chief Revenue Officer – Escrow London
Nathan, based in London, has extensive experience in advising software companies on providing assurance to enterprise clients, particularly in navigating concerns surrounding longevity. As the Chief Revenue Officer at Escrow London, Nathan specialises in continuity services, offering solutions in the event of software vendor failure, such as bankruptcy. His insights into SaaS hosted applications in major cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud were invaluable.

Greg SteinigerGreg Steiniger – CTO – Cache
Greg, Chief Technology Officer at Cache, a fintech company situated in the Stone & Chalk Scale-up campus, shared his vast experience gained from collaborating with investment managers and banks globally. Cache’s success in overcoming inquiries regarding business credentials when engaging with enterprise entities was a focal point of his discussion. His insights into navigating challenges throughout the sales journey were extremely helpful for attendees.

Greg PalumboGreg Palumbo – Partner at Maddocks (Technology, Media, Data, Privacy and Hospitality)
Greg, a Partner at Maddocks, brought to the panel extensive expertise in technology, media, data, privacy and hospitality law. His role at the distinguished Australian law firm, renowned for representing government and corporate entities nationwide, positioned him as a crucial resource for navigating complex technology agreements. Greg’s insights into advising both enterprise clients and software companies added depth to the discussion, showcasing his expertise in the field.

The event not only served as a platform for knowledge exchange but also fostered networking opportunities among industry professionals and entrepreneurs. Attendees had the chance to engage with a diverse array of participants, including representatives from numerous fintech and other scale-up companies. These interactions shed light on the complexities of working with and selling to enterprise companies, offering invaluable insights into overcoming challenges and capitalising on opportunities in this dynamic sector.

With newfound insights but also a renewed sense of confidence in the ability to navigate the complex landscape of enterprise sales, the masterclass on “Scaleups – Selling to Enterprise with Confidence” undoubtedly left a lasting impact on all who attended, paving the way for enhanced success and growth in the complex world of enterprise sales. We would like to express our thanks to the team at Stone & Chalk who helped organise and host this event.

To watch the full event, please click here.


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