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Innovating SaaS Escrow Solutions for a US Market

As with all markets, ongoing innovation helps differentiate us from our competitors. For The Escrow Company’s SaaS Escrow solutions, we have developed a robust range of solutions which provide real-time continuity for companies and in the event of a ‘lights out’ situation, we can provide almost seamless business continuity. We include automated deposit integration with the best cloud hosting providers with our winning Amazon AWS escrow serviceMicrosoft Azure escrow service and Google Cloud escrow solutions. The Escrow Company (Escrow London North America Inc) is a certified AWS Partner and verified on the Microsoft Azure and AWS Marketplaces. For convenience and additional data protection, all our software escrow solutions include automated deposits from version control repositories such as Bitbucket, GitLab and GitHub. 

Automated Deposits

The Escrow Company were the pioneers of developing a system that enables software vendors to automate their source code deposits seamlessly from their online code Git repositories. The Escrow Company supports a wide range of platforms including GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Azure Devops and many other popular repos. This technology escrow innovation from The Escrow Company ensures that our client deposits are up-to-date and removes the burden of developers having to manually deposit their source code. For our US and Canadian clients, all source code, databases and other deposit materials are securely stored within servers located in North America (options available for USA and Canadian secure storage).

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Unrivalled Flexible Service

Software escrow solutions don’t have to be complex. That’s why we maintain a straightforward process to offer a cost-effective and uncomplicated service. We take pride in our personalized approach, understanding our customers’ need for a distinctive and affordable solution. Moreover, The Escrow Company is committed to delivering friendly and unwavering service, always providing flexibility without any hidden charges. Our dedicated North American team is ready to offer support to our clients in the United States and Canada, operating from our headquarters in Atlanta, GA with support from our Escrow London team in England.


Once your deposit materials have been deposited into software escrow, it is vital to ensure that they are  protected 24/7 in the best possible way. Therefore, to ensure complete protection, we maintain the following standards for all our solutions:

  • Data encrypted in transit and at rest
  • SFTP transfer
  • Automated encrypted deposits using SSH keys
  • ISO27001 certification
  • ISO27017 certification
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Competitive Fees

Software Escrow solutions do not need to be expensive. All our fees are clearly outlined in the initial proposal and on our published fees page providing a clear view of the expected costs. Hence we have a commitment of providing our clients with fair and competitive fees that provide substantial cost savings for source code escrow across the board. 

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Learn how the UK Department for Education implemented a robust and secure Replicated Saas Continuity escrow solution. 


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